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Drive Whilst Disqualified - No conviction recorded – no disqualification imposed

We represented a client who had been disqualified for a period of 2 years, due to being convicted for a dangerous driving offence.

The client was previously represented by a barrister.   The client paid a lot of money and was not pleased with the service he received, let alone the result, for what was not a serious type of dangerous driving charge.

The client did not have a good traffic record but needed to obtain his licence to commence an apprenticeship that he was waiting to undertake once he got his licence back. He was only a couple of months away from doing so.

We advised the client to attend the Traffic Offenders Programme so that submissions could be made that, as a young driver, he would now be better educated when returning to the roads.

We rightly advised the client that escaping the charge without a conviction and without being disqualified was the least likely result.

The client successfully completed the Traffic Offenders Programme and some material was tendered to the Court with respect to the client’s subjective circumstances.

Strong submissions were made on the client’s behalf and His Honour dismissed the charge pursuant to section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act without recording a conviction and placed the client on a good behaviour bond. The client obtained his licence and started his new career!

The client was more than satisfied with the result and regretted that he had not come to Prime Lawyers for his previous charge, instead of paying more than three times as much for a barrister.

The client learnt that when dealing with traffic offences, it is best left to the specialists.

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