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Traffic Lawyers Sydney

Being charged with a traffic offence can have serious consequences. Often, people will come to us with the possibility of losing their licence, facing a criminal conviction and in some cases even facing imprisonment. We understand how serious the consequences can be for you. Being convicted of a traffic offence and subsequently losing your licence is often a burden as it will often impact your employment, your livelihood and your social life. Our traffic lawyers are committed to obtaining the best possible result for you and are committed to keeping you on the road.

Prime Traffic Lawyers’ head office is located in the Sydney CBD. Our team of traffic lawyers are committed to providing the Sydney CBD and its surrounding suburbs with dedicated and hardworking traffic lawyers and solicitors. 

Our traffic lawyers have over 50 years experience in representing those who have been charged with all types of traffic offences ranging from common offences such as speeding, drink driving and drive whilst suspended to your more serious traffic offences such as negligent or reckless driving occasioning death or grievous bodily harm. We also regularly assist clients in appealing licence suspensions.

Often people will assume that they must plead guilty to driving charges and accept the punishments which follow. This is not the case. Our traffic lawyers carefully consider the facts and circumstances of each individual case and will give you specific advice as to whether you can defend your charge. If there is no viable defence to your charge and a plea of guilty is necessary, our traffic lawyers will represent you at Court to have the punishment minimised. 

Our team of traffic lawyers at our Sydney CBD office frequently represent clients in the Downing Centre Local Court (Sydney), Central Local Court (Sydney), District Court Sydney, Waverley Local Court as well as the Supreme Court of NSW.

In our traffic law section of our website you can find a wealth of information written by our traffic law lawyers and solicitors. You will find information on penalties, defences and how we can help you. Feel free to read more information on any of the following areas of traffic law:

If you have been charged with a traffic offence or are facing a licence suspension and you require a traffic lawyer in Sydney, we invite you to contact us.

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